As it turns out, we can not place your subscription on Hold. However you can cancel your subscription and activate it at another time.

There are some important notes to remember if you are canceling your subscription

  1. Your subscription services will continue to be implemented up until the end of your last paid subscription period.
  2. You will NOT be refunded for the remainder of your subscription period.
  3. When you choose to resubscribe your will be charged a pro-rated amount to place you back on the same billing cycle.

EXAMPLE: Bob cancels his subscription on January 4th. As his Digital Renegades Subscription is billed out for the current calendar month, Bob will receive the services he payed for until the end of January. If Bob chooses to re-subscribe on January 30th, he will be effectively paying for the 30 and 31st of January twice. However his services will continue into February uninterrupted.

Canceling Your Rebillable Subscription

If you have a Rebillable Subscription, canceling and resubscribing at a later is possible.

To cancel, log into the website and visit your "My Account" page.

Click on the link in the left-hand column called "Subscriptions."

Next, select the subscription you would like to cancel by clicking the "View" button next to the subscription.

To cancel simply select the "cancel" button.